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Ethan Sleeper Photographer
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Who am I?

My name’s Ethan and I’m a photographer from Austin, Texas who specializes in portrait photography for Men. 

I’ve been doing photography for over 8 years, focusing primarily on portraiture since 2021. I’ve also studied under one of the best photography teachers in Texas and learned the exact theory and techniques to create photos that capture you in the best light possible 

To date, I’ve helped over 60 clients in Austin, Texas reclaim their image and elevate their online presence.

I know the struggle of online dating firsthand. I got out of a four-year relationship right as the pandemic hit and so the only opportunity to get back out there and meet someone new was online.

This was an era of redefining and rediscovering who I was. I changed my college major, I made all new friends, I got new clothes. 

I was ready to begin dating again. But this was easier said than done.

My pictures sucked, I didn’t know how to text, and I didn’t know how to text nor plan a date.

It took me many months to even go on one date. But as I accumulated photos of myself and got better at texting, things started to shift.

The likes started rolling in and the matches began accumulating and the hardest part actually became texting all of them. Not a bad problem to have…

And one day, I matched with the girl who became my girlfriend of over two years now.

Ethan Sleeper Photographer

As life changes, so do you. It’s important to show the world not who you used to be— but who you are now.

Whether you’ve just gone through a break up, moved from another city, completed a weight loss journey, or even just grew a new beard, I’m here to help you confidently present the next evolution of you.

The photos we take will not only elevate your online dating profiles and social media presence, they’ll act as a declaration of your transformation. And by getting in front of the camera, you’re putting the old ‘you’ to rest and making way for who you are becoming.

Are you ready to start the next chapter?

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