The Austin Dating Scene: Is Austin Good for Singles in 2024?

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If you’ve just moved to Austin, or have recently exited a relationship, you may be wondering: “hows the Austin dating scene?”

I’m going to save you some time: it’s better than ever.

Don’t believe me? Just take a walk on East 6th Street or at Barton Springs on a weekend and see for yourself the flocks of beautiful people walking in their 20’s and 30’s walking around. The city has become a sexy place for young professionals to move and search for love.

In 2022, Austin was actually ranked the best city for dating in the U.S. by Sperling’s Best Places. This title was based on several factors, including its youthful demographics. About 13.4% of Austin’s population is between the ages of 18-24, with a significant portion being single. The city’s vibrant online dating scene and a variety of dating venues also contributed to its top placement.

Let’s dive into the details of demographics, dating app usage, and social culture that make the Austin dating scene an amazing place to be single.

How MAny Single People Currently Live in Austin?

It’s time for a few stats—

Austin has a population of approximately 975,335, with approximately 381,273 people in the age range of 20-40 years old. Of that group, roughly 35% are single. This translates to roughly 133,446 single individuals between 20-40 years of age. With a demographic split of 51% men to 49% women, we can estimate around 65,388 single women and 68,057 single men in Austin, Texas

Austin is a magnet for young professionals and recent graduates, thanks to its thriving tech scene and vibrant cultural landscape. The influx of young people contributes to a dynamic dating pool, making it easier to find like-minded individuals with similar interests and lifestyles.

Are people using dating apps in Austin?

Online dating is integral to the Austin dating scene, with apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge leading the market. With online dating being the #1 way people are meeting their life partner nowadays according to The Knot, you would be unwise to skip out on the apps.

In my personal experience, Hinge seems to be the most popular and well-liked dating app in Austin for online dating. This doesn’t mean it’s the only dating app you should use, but it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. To learn more, read my article about the best dating apps to use based on demographics.

Because online dating is so popular, it’s also become very competitive. This means you’ve got old or amateur photos on your dating profile, you’re leaving heaps of matches on the table just by not showing your best, most attractive self.

So if you want a profile that generates more matches and dates, check out my online dating photo packages. I’ll help you become more photogenic than you ever dreamed. One guy I worked with ended up with over 100 likes on Hinge after getting his pics and had to take a break from all the dates he was going on. No joke.


Social Activities and Fun Dates in Austin

Austin has a vibrant social scene for and very friendly culture for singles. From the nightlife to the outdoor fitness and leisure activities, there are truly unlimited opportunities to meet new people in this city.


This goes without saying, but Austin is famous for its nightlife. From the live music to dance clubs to classy cocktail bars, there’s always something going on downtown.

What you may not know is that there are actually 8 major nightlife areas in Austin. Whether you like to go out to meet women, or need somewhere to take a date, you’ll 10)% be able to find places that match your vibe.

As of 2024, East (of I35) 6th Street, West 6th Street, the Red River District, and 4th Street seem to be the most popular places to go out for young professionals.

Alcoholic-Free Activities

Despite being known primarily as a “party city,” Austin also has a large fitness and health conscious community and offers a wide range of activities, often in free 3rd spaces, that cater to alcohol-free preferences. Here are a few examples:

  1. Republic Square Yoga: Held every Saturday morning at Republic Square, this free yoga session provided by Swift Fit Events offers a rejuvenating start to the weekend. It’s a great way to meet health-conscious individuals while enjoying the beautiful downtown views​​.
  2. Run Clubs: For those who don’t mind getting up early go workout, run clubs can be great for finding likeminded individuals, and often have a dedicated time to mingle after those endorphins are pumping.
    • Raw Dawg Run Club: this is a fairly new and popular run club in Austin that ​boasts “sexy faces and sexy paces” and who meet every Saturday at 8 am.
    • East Side Beer Runners: Combines running with socializing, offering runs that end with discounted beers at local bars​.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Beyond yoga and running, Austin’s outdoor social hubs include Barton Springs pool, the “Paddle Board Island” which congregates at the mouth of Barton Springs on Lady Bird Lake every weekend, sand volleyball at Zilker Park and much more.


The Austin dating scene is undoubtedly a fantastic place to be single. Between the large amount of young people, active dating app usage, high number of 3rd spaces, and a plethora of social activities. Whether you’re into lively nightlife, serene yoga sessions, or engaging run clubs, Austin provides a rich environment for meeting new people and enjoying the single life.