5 Online Dating Profile Mistakes to Avoid AT ALL COST!

Choosing the right photos for your dating profile is a crucial first step to get right to ensure success in online dating. It’s also important however, to not choose the wrong photos.

Here are some guidelines about mistakes to avoid at all cost, because much of your success in online dating will come down to simply not doing the wrong things.

1. Fishing photos and photos with dead animals.

It’s amazing to have passions such as fishing and hunting and women find men with passions and hobbies to be attractive. But the truth is, on a dating app profile, pictures of your big catch or that hog you shot is not what she’s looking for.

These pictures are great for your own enjoyment and to show your friends but in this specific context, the slots on your profile are better used with other content.

There is a very small cohort of women who will be neutral to these pictures but having them on your profile definitely stacks the odds against you, and dating apps are entirely a game of increasing your odds.

2. Shirtless bathroom selfies:

Bathroom selfies, even if you have the physique of a Hollywood actor, are basically never the move. Showing off your gains is beneficial but must be done in a way that is subtle. Mirror selfies look extremely try-hard.

A key with attracting women lies in your conviction of your inherent value, regardless of any outside circumstances. So in “showing off” something like muscles or money, it makes you look as though you’re heavily compensating.

Not to say these things don’t help in attracting women, but you want them to see these things about you as if by accident. Make it look effortless and she’ll feel intrigued.

3. Large group photos:

The problem with big group photos is that they’re both uninteresting and do not say much about you. You also often can get lost in the photo.

There is an exception here, which is if you are the most prominent figure in the photo and appear to be the leader of the scene. In that case a larger group photo can actually be a sign of major social proof.

But as a rule, most pictures with other people should only feature one or two other people. This leads me to the next point:

4. Photos with people better looking than you:

This is a somewhat unfortunate point to acknowledge but since appearances are so crucial for success in dating apps, it’s important to accentuate your best qualities. And if you have a friend who is, say, much taller than you, that only emphasizes your shorter height. If you have a friend in much better shape, that emphasizes your lack of fitness, and so on… This is particularly important in your first photo, which usually should not be a group photo anyway.

But if you reflect on your own experience, how many times have you been looking at a girl’s first profile picture and it’s a group photo? You automatically choose the one in the group you hope it to be, and if it’s a different girl in the next photo, you feel disappointed and swipe left. And she could even be someone you might have considered swiping right on, but the little bit of disappointment and surprise actually made her seem less attractive. It’s exactly the same for you.

Often times, people will know this rule subconsciously but include photos with people better looking than them anyway because they don’t have enough recent photos of themselves. That’s where I can help! Don’t make this mistake any longer!

5. Photos where you’re not in it!

Too often I see guys who have two or even three pictures where they’re not observably involved. Whether it’s a picture of their pet or their car or a meme, these are a massive waste of space on your profile and signify that you don’t have much to share or that you’re afraid of showing how you actually look. One single picture of your pet is passable but much better than that is a picture of you with your pet!


To wrap up, selecting the ideal photos for your dating profile is not just about showcasing your best features but also about avoiding common pitfalls that can deter potential matches. The guidelines highlighted here serve as a roadmap to navigate the complex landscape of online dating imagery.

By steering clear of photos that can be perceived negatively—such as those featuring dead animals, shirtless bathroom selfies, large group photos, and images alongside people who might overshadow you—you set the stage for a more appealing and genuine presentation of yourself. Remember, your profile photos are your first impression in the digital dating world; make them count by emphasizing authenticity, individuality, and the unique qualities that make you a great catch.

This strategy not only increases your odds of finding a match but also ensures that your connections are based on a true reflection of who you are. In the end, success in online dating comes down to presenting yourself in the best possible light while remaining true to yourself.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be on your way to creating a profile that stands out for all the right reasons.