What do I do with my new pics? (3 Proven Tips)

Once you get your new photos, your immediate impulse might be to just replace all of the pics on your profile and get to swiping. 


While this will improve your dating app results to some degree, it is NOT the most effective way to go about this.

To OPTIMIZE the effectiveness of your photos, you’re going to want to do a couple of things first:

1. Delete your Tinder and Bumble accounts.

This sounds confusing at first but you’re actually going to want to create completely new profiles on both Tinder and Bumble. This is because these two apps algorithmically calculate your attractiveness on the app through a variety of metrics including previous likes as well as your swiping behavior. The average guy is essentially guaranteed to overswipe due to the much higher presence of guys on these apps than girls, and over a long enough period you will get ranked lower and lower until new attractive women won’t even see your profile.

When your profile is fresh, you’re actually statistically likely to be ranked better than if you’ve been swiping for a year or two, so in a sense, profiles can become stale.

This tip actually applies at all times, and back when I was using dating apps a lot, I would delete and make a new profile about every three months or so with excellent results.

So once you get your new photos, get the numbers of any matches that you’re still talking to and make a new profile. 

2. Post on your instagram

In doing all of this, you’re partially working towards creating a fresh image for yourself. An important aspect of that includes your digital “business card”, a.k.a. your Instagram. 

When you’ve just gone out with a girl and you like her and you’re telling your friends about her, the question inevitably comes up “do you have a picture?” And usually, if it’s early, you proceed to look up their instagram and show your friends. 

Well let me tell you a little secret: she’s doing the EXACT same thing. 

It doesn’t matter how much you like Instagram or social media in general, having a presence on there with some good photos that convey a bit about your personality, interests, and overall vibe is crucial to having a fruitful and abundant dating life. 

When you receive your photos, you’re going to have several extras that won’t make it on your profile. You can post these onto your instagram over the next few weeks and this will give your page an upgraded vibe and aesthetic. 

My goal is to take photos that work so the pics I deliver won’t be overly posed and model-y, they’ll just be clean, classy, high def photos of you looking your best.

3. Don’t mess up the order.

In each dating profile, you want a bit of variety in your photos. The first photo is extremely important not to mess up and should be relatively close up, clearly showing your handsome face. Too far away is bad, shitty mirror selfies are worse, and large group photos are the worst. So for this first photo, use a shot I took of you.

After that you’ll want to intersperse the photos we take together along with one small group photo (no more than 2 other people, and absolutely no one better looking than you), one or two couple photos of you participating in interests (no pics posing with dead animals, mention that hobby in your bio or on the date), and if in good shape, a context appropriate pic that shows your body. 

This mix of photos is the magic key to dramatically increasing your matches.

From there, it’s on you to close the deal.